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Dancer: Eleanor Drewry

Created by Eleanor Drewry with support from Susan Drewry

Music: The Wind That Shakes The Barley by The Reel With The Beryle

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Dancer: Jai Nutakki

Created collaboratively by Jai Nutakki and Mariette Labelle

Have you ever wondered how the moon got its place in the sky?


Anansi, a loveable trickster, is always up to troublesome adventures as he travels about. He has much to be thankful for as he always gets rescued, so with gratitude and lots of help, he places the moon in the sky for all to enjoy.


Look, it is there tonight!


(inspired by Anansi the Spider, a tale from the Ashanti, by Gerald McDermott.)

Music: The Show Must Be Go by Kevin Macleod

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